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  • My word for the year and walk in the village

    My word for the year and walk in the village

    Since 2014, I’ve been choosing my word for the year to be my guide and companion teaching me to grow in some regard. As I’ve explained in my previous posts, I don’t look consciously for the word, it always emerges from somewhere deep inside. This year it wasn’t different. On Christmas Eve I attended a […]

  • When sunny day turns into foggy view

    When sunny day turns into foggy view

    …and vice versa. The other day I looked out of a window early in the afternoon and saw a beautiful sun-lit scenery embellished with fog forming layers in the distance. I thought it could be a nice photo opportunity and decided to go and give it a try. I even tempted my hubby to go with […]

  • Following and imitating, or rather not

    Following and imitating, or rather not

    A few days ago I arrived at the parking lot in the premises of the company where I work. I chose a place to park at and directed my car to the place. There was snow in the parking lot and the borders of the parking places were not quite clear but I did my […]

  • Visiting Klatovy and leaving way too early

    Visiting Klatovy and leaving way too early

    In January my hubby and I visited Klatovy, a town in Western Bohemia. There are nice places to take photos of but unfortunately the weather changed significantly while we were going there and when we arrived at the town, it wasn’t much favourable for shooting outside. Having said that, we didn’t let the weather deter us […]

  • Buildings


    It is the last day of January today and according to the rules of my 12-month photo project I am supposed to publish 3 to 5 photos that I took throughout the month based on the theme of the month, which was BUILDINGS. It wasn’t easy to select those 3 to 5 representative photos for […]

  • White January

    White January

    Unlike many previous winters, this year we’ve had beautiful white and frosty January. After the muddy and windy Christmas time it was a welcome change. One morning a few days ago I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful scene lit by early sun rays… I grabbed my camera and ran to the […]

  • 12-month photo project – first lessons taught

    12-month photo project – first lessons taught

    My hubby and I have made four little trips since the beginning of the year to get some interesting photos of buildings for the first month of our 12-month photo project and already those little trips taught me a few lessons that I would like to share with you. Lesson 1: Take your time If […]

  • Beauty of the ordinary

    Beauty of the ordinary

    On Friday we had what might be the coldest morning this winter with its -20°C, which equals -4°F. Actually, it would be the coldest morning in the 15 years we’ve been living in this village. I was a bit afraid that my car wouldn’t start because I was supposed to get to work and to […]

  • Snowy


    When I woke up on Sunday morning, the light felt different. I was wondering what was going on but as soon as I got up, I knew the answer. Everything behind the windows was covered with snow and its fresh white colour dominated surroundings of our house. Our garden, neighbours’ garden, our yard… I loved […]

  • Feel of winter

    Feel of winter

    One day when fresh snow arrived I decided to take a stroll around our village with my camera though I didn’t expect capturing much. Seemingly, there isn’t much to capture in the village after having lived there for a few years. Yet I was proven wrong once again because I “found” a few captures I […]