Focused on photography

Frustrating lilacs

Frankly, my photo project for this year hasn’t been progressing much, I haven’t been feeling inspired at all lately. Yet I admit, I know that good results are much more often achieved based on persistency and regular showing-up than on the famed inspiring sparks, and more often than not there is an opportunity to do something about it.

My last photo post featured some lilacs from our garden and though they are long gone, more of their photos inhabit my computer. I chose two more this time and after endlessly struggling through their processing, here they are…

You know that frustrating feeling when you see what result you want to achieve but you cannot get there, right?

Having struggled with lighting, sharpness and composition, and having tried various possibilities only to realize the mistakes later when all was done, eventually I was struggling with editing the photos as well. So much time spent on that, oh, my…

But that is called LEARNING, I can hear you telling me, that is actually the goal of this project – to learn!

Yeah, I know, but who would not want to be a master without having to climb that steep mountain again and again…

The good thing is I showed today, presented something I find good enough, and life can go on. Phew!

“Achieving a goal is nothing. The getting there is everything.”
― Jules Michelet