Back to Still Life (2024)

After the previous projects, where I had to rely mostly on opportunities for photo trips and walks, I wanted to have some home-based choices. And that made me think of getting back to still-life photography, which I was flirting with a few years ago.

By still life I mean for this purpose manually created compositions photographed either indoor or outdoor. I know there are many existing still-life sceneries but that is not what I want to focus on in this project.

Still life photography may seem to be easy but actually, it is not. On the contrary, it can be quite challenging with regard to the importance of proper details, light, shadows, composition, every little imperfection screams for attention and can ruin the whole image.

When I look back at my previous still-life photos, I can see so many mistakes and unflattering details and I am determined to try harder and get better results this time. I have some photo equipment now for better control of light and background, which should help, so my hopes are higher to get something more interesting than before.

As always, I need my projects to have rules and deadlines, so I decided that at least once a fortnight I will devote the whole morning/afternoon as a minimum to taking still-life photos, and at least once a month I will present a selection of the photos in a post here on my blog. I will create an overview on this page, where a link to each of the posts will be added.

Well, the adventure may begin…

All the posts related to this project can be found under the tag still-life photo project 2024.

Here is the overview of the individual posts, click on the images to see them:

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Frustrating lilacs


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