Technical (2021)

My photo project for 2021 resulted from creating a new portfolio and its albums. I loved the one I called “Technical” and decided to take more photos in that genre.

What would you imagine under the word “technical”? Dictionary definition of technical comprises many entries with varied usage of the word in several fields. I can see something especially metal, a factory or agriculture equipment, machinery, vehicles such as tractors and diggers, electricity distribution or communication towers… so I’d confine the range to matters and things relating to knowledge and practical usage of techniques, mechanics, machines, electricity and industry.

Here are a few of my photos which I took previously and put into this category:

I need my projects to have rules and deadlines so the rules for this one are to come up with at least six different locations during this year offering an opportunity to shoot this kind of photos, such as a factory, mill, mining equipment, technical museum of any kind, etc.

Further, I’m supposed to write a post presenting the best technical photo(s) from each of the location.

I don’t want to rely on lucky chances but of course, additional technical photos taken along other trips and photo walks are allowed, the more the better.

The deadline is the end of the year and I decided to complete the project by putting together a calendar for the next year featuring the best photos I will have managed to take by then. The calendar has to be printed to provide a palpable result.

All the posts related to this project can be found under the tag photo project technical 2021.

Here is the overview of the individual locations, click on the images to see the posts:

Technical Příbram
Glassworks still life
Construction imaginary
Lost beauty of old factories
Glassworks cutting room
Mayrau Mining Museum
Hydroelectric power station
Hydroelectric power station

Click on the front page of the calendar to see a post with photos of the calendar I promised myself to put together.

Well, I definitely like this kind of photos, it’s a great topic so I’m looking forward to taking – and processing! – more such photos in the future.