Around home and village

Beauty of the ordinary

On Friday we had what might be the coldest morning this winter with its -20°C, which equals -4°F. Actually, it would be the coldest morning in the 15 years we’ve been living in this village. I was a bit afraid that my car wouldn’t start because I was supposed to get to work and to get my children to school so it was a relief to hear the car making up its mind and waking into operation. The gear box was stiff and was moving with slow deliberation but we were on our way and that mattered.

It was cold the whole week and we got plenty of snow but it’s been melting today and next week temperatures should be significantly higher. I’m not pleased about it unlike my hubby who’s been working outside and the very low temperatures made his job tougher than usual.

I captured a few details yesterday in our yard and garden and edited them in a way that best reflected the feelings they made me feel when I noticed them. I love their simplicity and certain moodiness.

Sometimes the ordinary things are very expressive but talking in a different language than we are used to. It takes a while to tune in but when you are on the same wavelength, you can’t get enough of it…

Less is sometimes more…