Focused on photography

Still-life sunflowers

When the left part of your brain is tired of all the thinking and planning and worrying, it might help to leave it to its own destiny and ask the right creative part to work miracles. The miracles may not be that awesome as you might wish them to be but they have their own rhythm, their own life. What about allowing them to pull you into their flow of vision and imagination? There are so many smaller and greater ways how to be creative.

Last year my son wanted to plant sunflowers so we bought some seeds and waited whether they would grow. They did and they looked great with so many flowers and about 1.5 m height.

This year we planted the rest of the seeds and they were even more beautiful. I thought I would harvest the new seeds to use them in winter for birds but the birds decided not to wait and have eaten most of the ripe seeds.

I decided not to wait any longer and cut a few of the remaining flowers to use them for my photography. I enjoyed that little adventure of staging and later editing the photos, it’s always a new experience.

So I want to thank my creative part for leading the way, sharing the vision, helping my thinking part join in a unanimous voice.

You know, miracles happen. Just often in an unexpected way.