• Around home and village

    Feel of winter

    One day when fresh snow arrived I decided to take a stroll around our village with my camera though I didn’t expect capturing much. Seemingly, there isn’t much to capture in the village after having lived there for a few years. Yet I was proven wrong once again because I “found” a few captures I really liked. For example this gate leading… where exactly? Into your childhood? That’s a Mirabelle bush where local children like to hide and play. A part of the village is a bit remote and the road leading to that part represents a path where the locals – including my family – go for a stroll…

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    Overcast desperation

    This winter I haven’t seen much of blue sky. The sky is either light or dark grey, causes energy shortage and brings abundance of tiredness. Hence the title of this post. A few moments ago my husband was reading me weather forecast for the arriving March and it was like this: first ten-day period – cloudy and overcastsecond ten-day period – cloudy and rainythird ten-day period – cloudy, overcast and rainy I know that March is much worse for me than February. Spring is already expected but winter persists. Not that frosty shiny winter. The muddy overcast one. So when we got a new portion of snow last week, I…

  • Around home and village

    Snow here and there

    We enjoyed snow during the last few weeks but now it’s definitely gone. And I wasn’t able to take any photo as I was ill. It made me browse through my older photos and I found a few which I’d like to share with you, I’ve chosen them for various reasons. All of the shots were taken in or near the village I’ve lived in. No. 1: I like the greenish tinge of the scene and also the wooden cart. I’m used to seeing such a cart as just a much smaller toy sold in shops specialised in handicraft. No. 2: Another tinge, rust-coloured now. I find the branches in…

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    First snow

    It was snowing all day and night yesterday and as the temperature was stuck under the zero, we woke up into beautiful whiteness this morning. Just on Friday I finished covering some of the plants in our garden with branches to protect them against harsh winter and I’m so glad I managed to do it in time. We have a saying stating that “Martin comes riding a white horse”, which relates to 11th November being the Martin’s name day. It is quite usual that in the middle of November we experience the first snow, hence the white horse. This year the snow has come a bit sooner and I find…

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    Winter atmosphere

    “I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape.The loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter.Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.”― Andrew Wyeth I like all the disguises nature wears. One place can be either dull or prominent under different conditions such as light, time of the day, weather, season. Once I read an article about how to find the soul of a garden. The author of that article expressed an idea saying that the soul becomes obvious just in winter when there are no leaves disturbing its expression. Well, the truth is that places do look different in summer and…

  • Poetry


    Just a small rise in temperature is enoughto turn sparkling white snow into muddy and dirty slush. Just an inconspicuous moment of hesitation is enoughto turn a resolution into empty words. Just the slightest breath of laziness is enoughto turn promises into reproaches. Well, be sure that mud won’t turn back into snow.Trust won’t arise from disappointment.But every following minute brings a chance to start again. A chance for me.A chance for you.Because each of us carries the burden of their guilt.