Focused on photography

When sunny day turns into foggy view

…and vice versa.

The other day I looked out of a window early in the afternoon and saw a beautiful sun-lit scenery embellished with fog forming layers in the distance. I thought it could be a nice photo opportunity and decided to go and give it a try. I even tempted my hubby to go with me but when we arrived at a neighbouring village, instead of facing a breath taking vista, we found ourselves surrounded by dense fog. The impenetrable foggy scenery continued further so we decided just to buy some groceries and return home.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was and unwilling to give up… so eventually we decided to drive a few more kilometres to a place called Prusiny, which is situated in an elevated position, hoping that the church on top of the hill could be seated higher than the foggy blanket. The effort paid off as the view we encountered there was beautiful in many regards.

The funny thing was that while there was that sunny atmosphere surrounding the hill with the church, if you turned around, you still had the fog accompanying you.

I was fascinated by the solitary figure of my hubby surrounded by the seeming emptiness…

I took a few more photos to get the best posture and later, when I was looking at them on my laptop at home, they inspired me to create the following triptych.

Three individual photos and look how the bluish shades on the ground connect…

In some views, the misty and vivid character of the scenery faded into one another, such as in the view of the road in the following photo.

It was quite challenging to preserve the atmosphere in post processing, not to overdo either the lack or sufficiency of contrast, both generally and locally. I like this result, so soft and vivid at the same time.

The last photo I want to share today was captured from yet another angle and again, the scene looks so different… It’s so simple and yet quite impressive.

I took all the photos in this post (and a few more) while actually taking just a few steps here and a few steps there, turning to the left and turning to the right, gradually discovering the different faces of the scenery. Sometimes all you need is open eyes and open mind…

When we got home, the part of the village where we live was covered in fog and it felt like the circle was completed and the experience ready to settle.

Pursue your visions. Even if they won’t come true, you may find other treasures along the way. But you already know that, don’t you?