Around home and village

White January

Unlike many previous winters, this year we’ve had beautiful white and frosty January. After the muddy and windy Christmas time it was a welcome change. One morning a few days ago I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful scene lit by early sun rays…

I grabbed my camera and ran to the garden, the light and fog and colours felt wondrous and magical…

We were lucky not to have many problems with the snow at the part of the Czech Republic where my family live, there were other parts that had to deal with serious problems, but the truth is that after several quite mild winters we’ve become unused to what the snow beauty takes. Media and experts already calculate how much more money we will pay for heating this winter and on Friday I heard news on radio reporting several times that many people are out of coal for heating their houses because January has been this cold, temperatures falling in the mornings as low as -20°C. It seems that after those mild winters many people underestimated how cold winter can feel.

We quickly forget and quickly get used to the more comfortable, don’t we?