About this blog

Hi. My name is Petra, I come from and live in the Czech Republic, and this is my personal blog. Welcome!

I share my thoughts and reflections here – both in words and photographs – about some of my experience, about my photography efforts, about things and places that caught my attention. Posts on this blog are assigned to categories to help their organization.

The places I write about and share photos of are situated in the Czech Republic, unless stated otherwise, and all the photos and texts are mine, also unless stated otherwise.

If you wanted to know something personal about me, I’d tell you that I love my husband and both our sons, that I enjoy living in a village after having grown up in a city, that I enjoy walking in nature especially with a camera in hand, that I’m interested in gardening, reading, learning and using English and a bit of German, and that taking photographs with my Nikon D7200 and editing them in Lightroom and Photoshop are my welcome challenges.

I like my espresso warm and strong, our garden spacious and reasonably planted and our household not excessively tidied. I’d love to do more than I have time for which makes me sometimes somewhat desperate but then I try to pull myself together and start anew pursuing my favourite activities.

I started to write a blog awfully many years ago to use and improve my English and the blogging has been developing since that. New ideas, new website, new photos, new skills. There is so much to learn, to see and to document and I find this a helpful way to keep improving and growing.

Some time ago, after a great deal of thinking, I decided to make a change and not to allow comments on this blog any more. Although most of the comments I’d ever gotten used to be supportive and inspiring, in certain sense they were limiting me, I needed to free myself from expectations regarding any feedback. I find keeping the blog without the comments easier. My intention has been to continue the blog as an outlet for my creativity and inspiration to those who find it inspiring. Feel free to contact me by means of e-mail if you’d like to share your thoughts with me.

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