About this blog


Hi. My name is Petra, I come from and live in the Czech Republic, and this is my personal blog.

I share my thoughts and reflections here – both in words and photographs – about some of my experience, about my photography efforts, about things and places that caught my attention.

The places I write about are situated in the Czech Republic and all the photos and texts are mine, unless stated otherwise.

After a great deal of thinking I decided not to allow comments on this blog but feel free to contact me at sharingmyreflectionsblog@gmail.com and share your thoughts.

Now, let me introduce just a bit the contents of this blog to help you understand its structure.

The blog is divided into the following categories, you can click on the photo or title to open the category in a new window. Each post belongs to just one category. I use tags to link the contents in a more detailed way and across categories.

The categories are:

PLACES IN CZECH REPUBLIC where I share photos of the places I visited in the Czech Republic. I always try to add some relevant information regarding history and importance of the place. I typically compile the information from several sources including several websites and I often translate it to English as many of the sources are just in the Czech language. I never copy a whole article from a source, not even a whole paragraph, and I try to avoid using identical sentences. I rather try to find the most interesting and credible facts and combine them as I see fit.

FOCUSED ON PHOTOGRAPHY where I share my photo projects and their results and other photography related experience. I used to shoot with Canon 550D, now I use Nikon D7200. I edit my photos in Lightroom 6. There is so much to learn and focus on.



REFLECTIONS where I share my thoughts on whatever my mind is occupied with whether those are smaller or bigger things.




POETRY where I share the rare poetic expressions that come to my mind although English is not my native language. I love them, you know…




AROUND HOME AND VILLAGE where I share photos from my home and garden as well as from my walks in and around the village where I live with my family. Seasonal changes are so prominent in these posts!




SEASONAL WISHES where I share my wishes relating to Christmas and Easter and other feasts and holidays. I usually try to make a card and that feels quite creative.




black&whiteMISCELLANEOUS where I share all the other stuff that does not fit into any of the previous categories. There are posts about some exhibitions I visited, about bullet journaling, blogging, adult colouring, and much more, it is simply a mix with many ingredients.



Now, when you know what to expect, may I invite you to read a post or two to find out more?