Focused on photography


Some places feel magical without any obvious reason. While you might be bored and wondering why I am staring at a spot or an object, I might feel a pull towards it not being able to take my eyes away. Another time it might be vice versa. Me wondering and you staring. I experience such a situation repeatedly on photo walks with my husband as we are often attracted by quite different sceneries and objects…

The triptychs below are created from two photos that I took at the end of last year – one of an old cemetery and the other one of a garden in the same village. Both places felt extraordinary in their own way, tugging at my heartstrings. I was staring… and the obvious that others could admire – well – was not there.

I edited the photos as best as I could but they did not radiate at all what I was feeling at the places and believe it or not, what I am feeling even now when thinking about it, several months later. But then I put together and finalized the triptychs and suddenly it’s there, I perceive the magic again when looking at them. Somehow the dots connected.

I am no real artist and my photography skills do not reach the stars but I learned to appreciate what power creativity has and how much it can teach us. Creativity wants us to be courageous, relentless, curious, open-minded and looking for forms and ways of expression. And especially it requires us to be our truthful selves, only then it can be truthful itself.

Let’s give it a chance.