Word for the year

Once I read about an idea of choosing a word for the following year, a word that is supposed to be an inspiration and guide rather than any kind of resolution. The word can represent something personal to be focused on throughout the particular year, something one wants to learn, develop or improve in, or it can represent a desired change in one’s life, a direction to be followed, a dream to be fulfilled…

So many possibilities, aren’t there?

But how do I choose such a mighty word, I asked myself, and couldn’t find the answer easily. Those following this practice recommended making lists, pondering, meditating, praying and being open so I tried but to be frank, looking for and eventually finding my first word felt quite clumsy. I was not even sure that the word was the right one at the moment.

Well, that word didn’t influence my life in that year much but I decided to give the idea another try and for the next year I chose another word. At that time, rather than a choice it felt like an agreement with the word that came to meet me.

And it seems that year by year the process of nominating the word is smoother and easier and instead of looking for the word, the word itself comes to me, triggered by some feelings or thoughts or situation, making me be aware of its importance. I’m always absolutely sure that’s THE word I’m supposed to embrace and bring into my life.

Do you know what I like? It might seem that the words succeed one another but they actually complement one another, which – if you think about it – is quite understandable. You can’t be done with the word in a year, can you? And they all broaden your horizons simultaneously.

All the words stay with me, teach me and will be enriching my life as long as I let them. And the longer I follow the practice, the more it grows on me. I highly recommend it. You just must not impose the words on you, you have to let them reveal themselves to you, then it works perfectly.

The words that gradually presented themselves in my life through this practice are the ones listed below. You can find out more about them in the posts published under the tag word-for-the-year or individually as follows: