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Visiting Klatovy and leaving way too early

In January my hubby and I visited Klatovy, a town in Western Bohemia. There are nice places to take photos of but unfortunately the weather changed significantly while we were going there and when we arrived at the town, it wasn’t much favourable for shooting outside.

Having said that, we didn’t let the weather deter us entirely from our intentions and spent some time in the town. I would like to share a few photos here that I took by on old church situated not far from the town’s centre.

I wanted to capture the side wall of the church with the adjacent little house when the man with the children stepped in front of my camera. I don’t have many people in my photos and these looked so good on the path so I shifted the view a bit and incorporated them into my photo. Then it was so interesting to watch them disappear into the distance, their walking actually inspired me to take another photo better expressing the length of the path.

Then, after moving just a few meters forward along the path, I noticed beautiful expressive colours and textures and their contrast, could you pass by without looking back?

Eventually I came to the corner of the church and glimpsed the street behind it when it started to snow so heavily that we decided to leave immediately. Just before we left, I made a desperate effort to capture the street despite the dense whirling snow and I took two last photos.

Surprisingly they both turned out to be quite interesting and illustrate beautifully how different a capture you can get when changing perspective just a little bit. In the first photo I included the corner of the church… while the other photo focuses just on the street and includes more branches of the tree on the left.

I find the first photo more expressive and prominent while the second photo seems so much softer and gentler…

You see, it was very short and imperfect shooting, but it left me inspired and longing to come back. I am sure I will take you to Klatovy again…