• Places in Czech Republic

    Nature reserve Drbákov – Albert’s Rocks

    At the end of October my husband and I went to the national nature reserve Drbákov – Albert’s Rocks, where one can follow about 7 kilometres long nature trail. We thought it could be an interesting autumnal photo trip with a bit of exercise. We arrived quite soon at the starting point of the trail. When we got out of our car and set off, we soon got enclosed by foggy surroundings. The fog added magic and charm to the area but was way too dense so we just hoped it would fall down eventually revealing blue sky and sunny day as the forecast promised the day before. The trail…

  • Poetry

    House in Green

    Have you ever read “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins? And have you ever listened to the “Lady in Black” by Uriah Heep? Well, and have you ever seen such a “House in Green” like the one below? 🙂 Brain sometimes connects the dots in funny ways… Green leaves and green roof Green shapes of the wood Breathing the calmness of the mind

  • Around home and village

    Rock garden rebuilding

    Wherever you dig in our garden, you most probably hit a stone. There are so many of them hidden beneath the surface that after each building work in the garden we get a new heap of stones of all sizes. What can you do with all of them? You can either use them or throw them away but you can’t simply dump them into a bin or somewhere, they are heavy and too many. No wonder then that one of our ideas for using the superfluous stones was to build a rock garden and place many of them there, so about 14 years ago my husband and I created our…

  • Places in Czech Republic

    Hluboká chateau

    What can you do when you start your holiday and the rain is pouring mercilessly ? Well, you can for example visit a castle or chateau and participate in a guided tour such as we did, not letting the rain spoil the experience. The chateau in the photos below is called “Hluboká”, it is one of the most famous and most visited chateaus in the Czech Republic. Its past is closely connected to the Schwarzenberg family that played quite a big role in the history of the Czech Republic. They owned the chateau for several centuries and made it their representative seat. In 1947, the chateau was confiscated by means…

  • Reflections

    Thoughts on maintaining order

    When we got stuck at home during the corona crisis, I decided it would be a good time to remake our rock garden. We created it long time ago and throughout the years its weaknesses became evident and it got somewhat neglected. With my husband helping me doing the most challenging work, the reconstruction was finished in about four months and three weeks ago I planted fresh cuttings from some of the old plants. The cuttings settled well, faster than I expected, and even started to grow. But with them, new weed appeared, spread quite quickly and needed to be removed to keep the earth clear. So I’ve done the…

  • Focused on photography

    Curly leaf parsley

    I thought the fresh curly leaf parsley that I grow in my garden would be good not only for cooking but it could also look good in still life photography. So here it is, in two versions of a still life image. Two images, two different stories despite almost the same contents. The power of editing is awesome… By the way, as for the cooking, I add curly leaf parsley to soups, potatoes and stuffing, it adds “a breath of nature” and tastes good!

  • Around home and village

    Appeal of gardening

    Is gardening an acquired taste or do you need to have particular genes to enjoy working in the garden? I loved my grandma’s garden since childhood but for our children (who actually are not kids any more), our garden represents just hard and repetitive work. Yes mom, the flowers are nice, the gooseberries are good, but don’t pressure us to waste our precious time by performing those tiresome and boring gardening activities… How could I make them understand? Perhaps YOU understand? OK, I won’t torture you by asking such questions, I’ll rather share some of the beauty I find worthy of the gardening effort. First, would you recognise the plants…

  • Places in Czech Republic

    Church of Nativity of Virgin Mary in Strašín

    There are places where you simply feel good and for me one of those places were premises of the Church of Nativity of Virgin Mary in Strašín. Strašín is a small town in Šumava mountains and the church, whose origins go back to 13th century, is situated on its edge. It is, or perhaps rather used to be, a pilgrimage church where Mother Mary was worshipped. There are several legends relating to the place including the one about revelation of Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus and appearance of a healing spring with an energy point. I don’t know if you believe in such things, I certainly have my reservations…

  • Focused on photography

    Peony magic

    The tree Peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) that we have in our garden does not look great this year. The weather has been enormously dry this spring and the leaves of the bush are partly dry as well. Also the buds and flowers have been fading quickly. My son noticed yesterday that one of the lower growing branches was broken so I cut it off entirely and put into a little vase at home. It looked tempting to be captured and eventually I used it and another even more faded flower for my still life photography. Funnily enough, I ended up with quite a different photo than I started with… Isn’t the…

  • Reflections

    Cold and rainy

    Last night it was raining heavily here, the rain woke us several times when beating against our roof lights. And not only brought the night the rain but also a change in temperature when it dropped a few degrees lower in comparison with previous warm days resulting so in a wet and cold Sunday. Well, despite the noise, we were happy about the rain as the weather has been very dry lately and the level of ground water is very low here. Abundance of water is one of my dreams now, who would have thought! No more taken for granted. And as everything outside was soggy, I decided to discontinue…