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  • Expressed in Black and White

    Expressed in Black and White

    Do you like b&w photography? Do you create b&w photographs yourself? I have to admit that fulfilling the theme of b&w photography which I had assigned to July in my 12-month photo project was a real challenge to me. Black & white images can be really powerful and can both express and arouse profound feelings and […]

  • Park of Blatná castle

    Park of Blatná castle

    At the end of my post about the castle in Blatná I promised to take you to the castle’s park so here we go. The park is open to the public all year round, free of charge. At the beginning of 19th century, the front part of the park was remodelled from a deer-park into […]

  • 52-week photoproject – Week 27

    52-week photoproject – Week 27

    Encounter Canon EOS 500D, 55-250 mm, 1/400 at f/8, 0 EV, 187 mm, ISO 400

  • Farming festivities

    Farming festivities

    Have you known that the United Nations Organisation declared 2014 to be an International Year of Family Farming? A few weeks ago, while walking in a near town, we were passing by a notice board where various local actions were announced. One of the posters was inviting everybody to come to Roupov to farming festivities […]

  • Added value

    Added value

    In the first January week I started my 52-week photography project which should help me to use my camera on a regular basis and become more practised and experienced photographer. Thanks to this project I visited the town Švihov a week ago where my husband wanted to show me a nice cottage on a river […]

  • Trip to Lhota – Part 1

    Trip to Lhota – Part 1

    Winter has been enormously persistent here this year, here as well as in many other parts of the world as I can see from my fellow blogger friends. I find it increasingly harder to manage my duties at home, let alone all the challenges I face, I’ve been longingly waiting for warmer and sunnier days. […]

  • Making up a story

    Making up a story

    Two years ago I made a decision to take an exam in English and in its “Writing” part there were several options one could choose from. One of them was writing a story which must have begun or ended with a specified sentence and was limited by certain number of words. While preparing for the […]

  • Meeting llamas

    Meeting llamas

    My father-in-law has a brother who owns a company producing agricultural machinery. His factory is situated at the edge of a city and to promote his products he built a small restaurant facing the factory right across the road. He presents the products on the restaurant’s premises and to attract customer’s attention he started to […]

  • ZOO seen a bit differently

    ZOO seen a bit differently

    Two years ago I visited the zoo in Dvůr Králové. This zoo has always been known as the only one with safari in the Czech Republic as part of it is available only by busses with open decks which are going among animals that are moving freely around. Some changes have been made lately regarding […]

  • At the eleventh hour

    At the eleventh hour

    Some time ago I read in English “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins and really liked the story and its characters. I met there – for the first time – an English phrase “at the eleventh hour” and understood from the context that it meant “at the last moment”. I looked at my dictionary and […]