Places in Czech Republic

Nature reserve Drbákov – Albert’s Rocks

At the end of October my husband and I went to the national nature reserve Drbákov – Albert’s Rocks, where one can follow about 7 kilometres long nature trail. We thought it could be an interesting autumnal photo trip with a bit of exercise.

We arrived quite soon at the starting point of the trail. When we got out of our car and set off, we soon got enclosed by foggy surroundings. The fog added magic and charm to the area but was way too dense so we just hoped it would fall down eventually revealing blue sky and sunny day as the forecast promised the day before.

The trail is said to be quite difficult, physically and technically, with supporting chains and wooden steps in several sections and the path winding up and down, quite steeply in some places. The path is definitely not suitable for cyclists and prams.

As for my experience, I have to admit that it was not an easy trip for me and one had to be careful because of the slippery leaves and stones, but we met families with quite young children as well as older people following the trail, it all depends on how fit and trained you are and how well you take care of the children’s safety.

When we approached the view of the Vltava river about in the middle of the trail, the fog started to disappear and we could finally see all the beautiful area.

It was lovely but you know what, I took much more photos of that milky fog rather than of the clear sunny sceneries.

There is mystery in what you can see just partly as it invites you to employ your imagination to look behind the scenes… Don’t you think so?