Focused on photography

Formats and negative space

The other day I took a few photos in our village and I loved especially the following one:

The portrait format brought the rippled water with reflections of the clouds into the picture, thus creating a valued negative space adding to the main contents.

Then I thought, “well, I’d like to post this photo on my blog so now I need a landscape version to place it as the featured photo of the post”. I cropped the photo, setting the bank of the pond somewhat higher above the middle, leaving just a bit of that precious negative space in the picture.

And finally, I thought “this would be a nice photo in a square format for my Instagram account as well”, so I cropped the original photo once again, this time saving larger portion of that negative space.

As a result, I’ve got three photos with different dimensions and a bit different expression, and I like them all. What a funny play!