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ZOO seen a bit differently

Two years ago I visited the zoo in Dvůr Králové. This zoo has always been known as the only one with safari in the Czech Republic as part of it is available only by busses with open decks which are going among animals that are moving freely around. Some changes have been made lately regarding the safari to attract more visitors. There are cottages prepared for photographs who can rent them and I think that you can also enter the area in your own car now. Nevertheless, the safari is not that big and inhabited, it seems to me that a lot needs to be done yet. The zoo itself is quite big and you can either walk the whole length to the safari and back or you can use a “zoo train” for one way (or both).

We spent a few hours in the zoo and I enjoyed that time a lot. Surprisingly I took only a few photos of animals, I was rather intrigued by the atmosphere of the place and by many details. And well, unlike the animals, flowers and inanimate objects cooperated with me much better. Let’s have a look at some of them.

There is a large car park belonging to the zoo, I liked the view of it through the bars separating the zoo from the outside.

There are buildings provided with appropriate air conditioning where you can see various kinds of flowers, birds and butterflies. It would be great to take a chair there, nestle down and enjoy it fully.

And although people usually come to a zoo to see animals, there are also many interesting plants and many interesting objects. But of course, there are animals too…

After all, you are in a zoo, aren’t you?