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  • Bee house impression

    Bee house impression

    Do you like honey? And do you appreciate knowledgeable local beekeepers? I do, so when Lenka, a colleague of mine, invited me to participate in the 1st year of “Honey days” planned to be held in their family bee house, I was looking forward to that occasion. And I was not disappointed at all when […]

  • Tightrope walking

    Tightrope walking

    “The secret to life is finding the right balance to everything you do…” Last year I visited the castle Kost with my family and at that particular weekend, the castle hosted an event including several performances, one of them tightrope walking. High above the court a rope was tightened and a few performers made their […]

  • Technical and musical Vítkovice Ironworks

    Technical and musical Vítkovice Ironworks

    My husband comes from Ostrava so from time to time we go there to visit his mom and the rest of his family and often we also choose a particular place to visit. Last autumn he suggested we could have a look at the reactivated area of former ironworks and as I work in a […]

  • Weekend of open gardens – Part 3 – Meditation garden

    Weekend of open gardens – Part 3 – Meditation garden

    The third garden which we visited in Pilsen within the Weekend of open gardens was the “Memorial to victims of evil” also known as a “Meditation garden” or the “Hruška’s garden”. There was a man, Mr. Hruška, who spent more than 10 years as a political prisoner in a communist prison. When he came home […]

  • Weekend of open gardens – Part 2 – Arboretum Sofronka

    Weekend of open gardens – Part 2 – Arboretum Sofronka

    Within the Weekend of open gardens which I mentioned in my previous post we also visited Arboretum Sofronka and I would like to introduce it to you now. All the following photos were taken in the arboretum. Arboretum Sofronka which is situated in Pilsen (Plzeň) was established in 1956 as a workplace of Research institute […]

  • Weekend of open gardens – Part 1 – Luft’s Garden

    Weekend of open gardens – Part 1 – Luft’s Garden

    Some time ago I noticed a poster in a street inviting those passing by to visit a garden belonging to a Dominican monastery within an event called “Weekend of open gardens”. As I had never heard of such an event, that invitation caught my attention and I thought about finding more pieces of information on […]

  • Easter outing

    Easter outing

    Though Easter cold and rainy weather forecast did not seem favourable for outings, we wanted to make one and decided to visit an Easter market at the castle Křivoklát. Frankly, I don’t like crowded places like such a market much but I had never been to Křivoklát, which is one of the oldest (more than […]

  • Farming festivities

    Farming festivities

    Have you known that the United Nations Organisation declared 2014 to be an International Year of Family Farming? A few weeks ago, while walking in a near town, we were passing by a notice board where various local actions were announced. One of the posters was inviting everybody to come to Roupov to farming festivities […]

  • A travelling funfair in the village

    A travelling funfair in the village

    At the weekend when the celebration I was writing about in the previous post took place, there was also a travelling funfair prepared for children to have fun. It might be interesting for you to see what such a funfair looks like in a village like the one I live in. Tractors come into the […]

  • Celebration of 90th anniversary

    Celebration of 90th anniversary

    The Volunteer Fire Company operating in our village has celebrated 90 years of existence since its founding. An official celebration was held and I and my husband were asked to come and take photos. We hesitated but were pleased by the invitation and finally made a decision to accept and give it a try. The […]