Places in Czech Republic

Easter outing

Though Easter cold and rainy weather forecast did not seem favourable for outings, we wanted to make one and decided to visit an Easter market at the castle Křivoklát. Frankly, I don’t like crowded places like such a market much but I had never been to Křivoklát, which is one of the oldest (more than 900 years since the first written reference) and most important castles of Bohemian kings, and this seemed to be a good opportunity to change that.

When we arrived at Křivoklát, there were even more cars and people than I expected as we made an effort to get there soon enough but eventually it didn’t matter at all as we enjoyed our time spent there thoroughly.

You had to pay a fee to get to the market which took place in the castle’s court. There was a band playing medieval music (in modern arrangement with guitars) all the time we spent there. The music added to the atmosphere wonderfully and I liked that performance enormously. I could have just stayed there and listened to it as long as they were playing and singing…

As you can see in the following captures, there were quite a few stalls in the court. Some of them were offering meals or drinks, others handmade jewellery and paintings, ceramic pottery and linen bags, beeswax candles and lavender products, wooden swords and painted shields…

Some of those selling the products were dressed in medieval costumes which was fun. We ate this and that and each member of my family chose something to buy and bring home… We were all pleased to have visited the place. Even now when I’m writing this three days later, you could see me smiling. Next time I’d like to join in a guided tour of the castle and walk around a bit more, that would have been too much this time. I’m already looking forward to that occasion.