Around home and village

A travelling funfair in the village

At the weekend when the celebration I was writing about in the previous post took place, there was also a travelling funfair prepared for children to have fun. It might be interesting for you to see what such a funfair looks like in a village like the one I live in.

Tractors come into the village, pulling all the funfair equipment. Behind the blue tractor, a circus caravan was attached and when we were passing it, we could see a big dog lying between its wheels, guarding the property. You can see a speaker placed at the front of the caravan which was playing music. Loud music, what else could be expected in a fair.

A little chairoplane comes next, the one for little kids. I liked its contrast to the scenery in the background.

Swings. They are quite popular and children like to be swinging on them. In the pictures above the swings you can see favourite characters from both Czech and international fairy tales. My younger son loves Smurfs and their stories.

There was also a caravan full of paper flowers and plush toys tied to different numbers of wood skewers intended for being shot down with an air rifle. I wish I took a picture of that but I don’t have any.

And that’s it. A few days ago on my way home from work I saw a similar travelling funfair in the neighbouring village, just instead of the chairoplane there was a little trampoline…

I wonder how much money such a little funfair earns in a village like this. I saw just two people operating all of those attractions – a man and woman. I’d guess they were a (married) couple or they could easily be siblings, couldn’t they? I heard that the local authority needed to pay certain amount of money for them to come and I’d believe that. The attractions are getting more and more expensive and parents think twice before paying for them.

I have to add that this is quite different from a travelling funfair in a town or city with many attractions, not just for kids but also for teenagers and adults, where one can enjoy various rides and buy refreshment and sweets at plenty of stalls. And balloons, can you imagine a funfair without colourful balloons floating in the air tied together in a bunch?