• Focused on photography


    You wouldn´t find many black & white photos in my archive but surprisingly enough, this year I created quite a lot of them. I didn´t shoot the photos with the intention to get the b&w result but when I was editing them, the limited colour range brought out the voice they spoke to me with. Like the image above. I took the photo at a maize field where the patterns and structures caught my attention. I still like the original colourful photo. I also like the b&w version I transformed it into. But I went even further to create this contrasting image and realized this was the voice I heard…

  • Focused on photography

    Mayrau Mining Museum in black and white

    I wanted to have my project “Technical” completed till the end of 2021 so I am a bit late with this post. Nevertheless, the photos presented here were taken in 2021, during our visit of the Mayrau Mining Museum in Vinařice, only they were sitting in my files waiting for my being ready to tackle them. It is an interesting place to visit, a piece of history but it feels lonely and somewhat depressive… … and the photos captured it mercilessly. Eventually I decided to go with the somewhat artistic black & white depiction as it seems to add certain tranquillity to the original shabby look… Frankly, I am so…

  • Places in Czech Republic

    Frosty walk in Rejvíz

    The village Rejvíz in Jeseníky mountains is a place where I like to come back. I always enjoy strolling through the village and a walk to the adjacent Great Moss Lake is almost a must and definitely a welcome relaxation. During our last visit we could enjoy charming frosty views and as it was quite early in the morning, also not so many people in this usually quite intensively visited area. That was good, I find it important to get away from crowds here and there to listen to both sounds and silence of the nature around… When I was looking at my photos later at home and was editting…

  • Focused on photography


    I took the photo above based on several reasons: And funnily enough, look at the resulting image, where it all ended. Colours are gone, patterns and textures are partly sidelined, and the overall tone is quite dark. And yet this is a much more expressive scenery than the one captured in the original photo. The same and yet not the same, mirrored in my thoughts, feelings and expectations. Sometimes it’s not good to stop just after you started. Sometimes you need to make a few more steps to arrive where you wanted to be in the first place. Sometimes we perceive more than we realize and it takes time to…

  • Focused on photography

    Construction imaginary

    It is relaxing to try and see images where there are no obvious ones and it is enriching to try and transform their raw shapes into something more. You have the tools, yet you need to add your own vision to tell an interesting story. A story that may not need words, only deep and quiet perception. I find the process healing… “The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

  • Focused on photography

    Playful water lilies

    Yesterday I was asked what definition I would assign to a “photograph” and after some pondering, I came up with this: A photograph is a rendering of reality that may be documentary but also emotional, abstract or even somewhat imaginary, yet still preserving the core of that reality. Well, but what is that core, you may ask, it sounds sort of vague. And I would say that it is the hard-to-grasp distinction between a photo and an image… and we would be at the beginning again. You know, some people say that photography excludes digital art. But digital art has many faces, right, and some of it may preserve the aspect of…

  • Focused on photography


    Sometimes I find my surroundings way too showy, chatty, loud and unstructured, almost to the point of hurt. It’s a relief then to create images like this. Images withstraight linesclear directionminimalist contentcolours limited to shades of black and whitejust some grain and wispy patches to let the scenery breeze Sometimes I struggle to add text to my posts but fortunately a picture is worth a thousand words…

  • Focused on photography

    Still life in an old hammer mill

    While looking for photos for my project Technical last year, I came across quite a few interesting places I might not have visited otherwise, such as this nook in an old hammer mill in Dobřív. I love the contrast of the two ways of processing this still life photo, that dreamy imaginary on the left and the reminiscence of the old times on the right. What a different world many of us live in nowadays…

  • Focused on photography

    Hydroelectric power station

    Last year I started a photo project I call “Technical” and one of the places I visited when looking for interesting technical views was an old hydroelectric power station “Čeňkova Pila” in Šumava mountains. It is not used anymore but you can visit it and have a look at its Francis turbine to admire the technical work. As a visitor without special rights you usually have quite limited options when taking photos. I wish I could have had more time for extracting interesting details and I wish I could have used a tripod because there was little light and I had to shoot with ISO values climbing to the stars……

  • Around home and village

    Free to have a vision

    Sometimes we see or understand things that others do not recognize but we are afraid to share our vision not to be laughed at or misunderstood. And if we muster the courage to share and do not get any positive feedback or encouragement as our vision may not be interesting enough for those around us, we may feel to be let down or not appreciated. But that does not change a thing about the fact that the freedom to have a vision and follow it is still there. Follow your visions. They may not be always breath-taking but they will let you grow…