Focused on photography


You wouldn´t find many black & white photos in my archive but surprisingly enough, this year I created quite a lot of them. I didn´t shoot the photos with the intention to get the b&w result but when I was editing them, the limited colour range brought out the voice they spoke to me with.

Like the image above. I took the photo at a maize field where the patterns and structures caught my attention. I still like the original colourful photo. I also like the b&w version I transformed it into. But I went even further to create this contrasting image and realized this was the voice I heard in the field.

Is this version overdone or properly expressive? Well, I am content with noting the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and I love it.

And one more fact to note… Without taking the original photo, which I find quite ordinary now, this image would have never been created. Because you always need to start first to get somewhere, even if the start seems to be nothing special, right? So keep that in mind, always.