Focused on photography

Playful water lilies

Yesterday I was asked what definition I would assign to a “photograph” and after some pondering, I came up with this:

A photograph is a rendering of reality that may be documentary but also emotional, abstract or even somewhat imaginary, yet still preserving the core of that reality.

Well, but what is that core, you may ask, it sounds sort of vague. And I would say that it is the hard-to-grasp distinction between a photo and an image… and we would be at the beginning again.

You know, some people say that photography excludes digital art. But digital art has many faces, right, and some of it may preserve the aspect of photography. On the other hand, when you switch sky in your photo for a more interesting one, is that still a photograph? It looks so but actually it is an unacknowledged composite…

Enough of that heavy stuff, here are a few photos and images inspired by water lilies in a botanical garden in Prague.

I enjoyed playing with the photos and creating the perhaps less obvious versions… and I guess it is easy to see here where that imaginary line was crossed…

Water lilies are truly impressive flowers…