Focused on photography

Mayrau Mining Museum in black and white

I wanted to have my project “Technical” completed till the end of 2021 so I am a bit late with this post.

Nevertheless, the photos presented here were taken in 2021, during our visit of the Mayrau Mining Museum in Vinařice, only they were sitting in my files waiting for my being ready to tackle them.

It is an interesting place to visit, a piece of history but it feels lonely and somewhat depressive…

… and the photos captured it mercilessly.

Eventually I decided to go with the somewhat artistic black & white depiction as it seems to add certain tranquillity to the original shabby look…

Frankly, I am so glad that I finally persuaded myself to go through the folder from this trip, that I selected a bunch of photos worthy of processing and that I created these images. It’s done and I can call it a day.

Looking forward to new photo adventures…