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Hydroelectric power station

Last year I started a photo project I call “Technical” and one of the places I visited when looking for interesting technical views was an old hydroelectric power station “Čeňkova Pila” in Šumava mountains. It is not used anymore but you can visit it and have a look at its Francis turbine to admire the technical work.

As a visitor without special rights you usually have quite limited options when taking photos. I wish I could have had more time for extracting interesting details and I wish I could have used a tripod because there was little light and I had to shoot with ISO values climbing to the stars… but I think that for this type of images the noise adds certain atmosphere and is not quite so unwelcome.

I captured two interesting details of the turbine and one of the power lines outside.

Some detail looks much more impressive in black & white…

…while another is rather persuasive in colour…

And when my son saw the image below, he told me that he likes it but that it would have never occurred to him to take such a photo. That is what makes our own perceptions and creative attempts unique, isn’t it, we all see the same and yet not the same at all… And I love such quite minimalistic details.