• Reflections

    Showing through

    What can you see behind window panes of your life reflecting everything around? Trees covered in lush green leaves or dry bare branches waiting for new life? Fresh blue sky inhabited by flying birds or overcast nothingness letting you down? Sometimes it takes much effort not to see just the negatively obvious but let the supporting and the encouraging show through Yet when it happens, it feels like nothing else in the world…

  • Places in Czech Republic

    Unexpectedly beautiful

    Some time ago my husband and I visited a small hydroelectric power station “Vydra” in Šumava mountains. Its history goes eighty years back but it was modernized and is still in operation when there is enough water to propel it. Adjacent, there is a small information centre showing some history and interesting facts about how local watercourses have been used and then there is a window, through which you can see the actual power station consisting of two Francis turbines and generators. I loved that glimpse into a technical colourful world where flowers and machines enhance one another and the high space adds certain loftiness to the whole view. Sometimes…

  • Places in Czech Republic

    Frosty walk in Rejvíz

    The village Rejvíz in Jeseníky mountains is a place where I like to come back. I always enjoy strolling through the village and a walk to the adjacent Great Moss Lake is almost a must and definitely a welcome relaxation. During our last visit we could enjoy charming frosty views and as it was quite early in the morning, also not so many people in this usually quite intensively visited area. That was good, I find it important to get away from crowds here and there to listen to both sounds and silence of the nature around… When I was looking at my photos later at home and was editting…

  • Focused on photography


    Some places feel magical without any obvious reason. While you might be bored and wondering why I am staring at a spot or an object, I might feel a pull towards it not being able to take my eyes away. Another time it might be vice versa. Me wondering and you staring. I experience such a situation repeatedly on photo walks with my husband as we are often attracted by quite different sceneries and objects… The triptychs below are created from two photos that I took at the end of last year – one of an old cemetery and the other one of a garden in the same village. Both…

  • Focused on photography


    I took the photo above based on several reasons: And funnily enough, look at the resulting image, where it all ended. Colours are gone, patterns and textures are partly sidelined, and the overall tone is quite dark. And yet this is a much more expressive scenery than the one captured in the original photo. The same and yet not the same, mirrored in my thoughts, feelings and expectations. Sometimes it’s not good to stop just after you started. Sometimes you need to make a few more steps to arrive where you wanted to be in the first place. Sometimes we perceive more than we realize and it takes time to…

  • Focused on photography

    Construction imaginary

    It is relaxing to try and see images where there are no obvious ones and it is enriching to try and transform their raw shapes into something more. You have the tools, yet you need to add your own vision to tell an interesting story. A story that may not need words, only deep and quiet perception. I find the process healing… “The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

  • Reflections

    Dedicated, my word for 2023

    Just imagine that you are on a walk, enjoying beautifully frosted trees and grass around you when all of a sudden a hen appears from nowhere obvious and photobombs the scenery you’ve just been trying to capture in your photo. Well, you may try to be quick enough to recompose the image and create something unexpected, even though perhaps not that perfect as you are more surprised than ready, right? It might definitely be worth the try… But what I am here today for is another matter. The new year will arrive in a few days so I started to think about what word will accompany me through it and…

  • Miscellaneous

    Flower phantasy

    When I come home in the evening and I am tired, I tend to open a browser and keep clicking on article titles that catch my attention, read a bit of this and a bit of that, and eventually I find myself looking at articles I am actually not interested in at all. And after an hour or two I switch the browser off, being usually angry about wasting so much precious time I could have used for much more useful, needed or creative activities. Do you know that story from your life as well? Here and there it may perhaps be helpful to relax this way and don’t want…

  • Places in Czech Republic

    Botanical garden in Prague

    Before winter definitely puts down roots here, I would like to share a few more photos from the botanical garden in Prague. We visited it many years ago and for quite a long time now I wanted to return there. This July we managed to do that and spent a beautiful afternoon amidst its flowers, trees, art pieces and wonderful views. It looked even more interesting than I remembered it… So here is a small selection of what I captured. Not everything looked so good in a photo as it looked in reality so e.g. my photos from the Japanese garden did not make it into this selection as they…

  • Around home and village

    First snow

    The first snow always comes as a surprise and when it is like it was this morning – meaning I woke up, got out of bed and saw our garden covered in white – it feels especially special. I even held my breath for a while. And even though the day was eventually overcast and felt like a dreary winter’s day, I was impressed by the change. Snow stands for beauty, wonder and awe…as well as for cold, difficulties and obstacles…and we have to live with both sides of the phenomenon. But we can always choose which side we stand on – that of exasperation, anger and dissatisfaction or that…