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Better late than never so on Sunday I finally (!!) – after almost two years – completed the calendar I promised myself to put together for my photo project “Technical” and sent it to be printed, which makes the project fulfilled at last.

I can tell you that when the printed calendar arrived today, I felt somewhat nervous before opening the package. I was afraid of being utterly disappointed but eventually I was very pleasantly surprised by both the look of the photos and the quality of the calendar itself.

I decided to share printscreens from the calendar software here rather than photographing the pages, I think it will give a better idea of what impression the calendar gives.

The format is A4 landscape and here is the front page…

… here is an overview of the months…

… and here are more detailed images of the individual pages:

Frankly, the calendar looks much better in the “live” printed version than in the pictures on the computer.

And that surely is a lesson learned because I wanted to have some tangible outcome from the project and this result feels motivating to go and shoot more photos, to strive for better quality both technical and compositional and to print a larger photo here and there to keep it in my hands and see the other than digital dimension…