Balance, my word for 2024

A few days ago it occurred to me it was time to start looking for my word for the year 2024.

You know, I always just start listening to my mind what word will speak to me and this time I was not waiting for long. I heard the idea of BALANCE addressing me…

Nevertheless, I have to admit that the word did not click with me right away and I thought I would give it a few more days to see this was really meant to be. Yet the word stuck in my mind and refused to let go so eventually I accepted it is the one I need to pay attention to.


/ˈbæləns/ noun

: a situation in which different things exist in equal, correct or good amounts

Agreed, it IS important to keep the different aspects of my life in balance.

Especially I need to keep a balance between my expectations and reality of achievable results.

I do need to keep a balance of my mind when facing all that is difficult for me and I do need not to be thrown off balance by every unexpected event.

Balance is actually a delicate thing and great achievement fulfilling us with inward peace and strength that cannot be taken for granted…

Wishing you happy, healthy and balanced 2024!