Focused on photography

Birdie and candle

As I promised myself, I started this year’s still-life photo project in the previous days and after the first two weeks I can tell you I find it quite technically challenging (as I expected so no surprise here). Controling light is definitely not easy but together with visualisation it is the vital part of still-life photography…

It is nice to have some helpful equipment but you must know how to use it, so first of all I need/ed

  • to find out how to set correctly the remote control of my external flash when this is not described in any of my manuals in detail (but hurray, I found some information online),
  • to decide whether I have to buy a TTL cable or not (probably not but it would have its advantages),
  • to learn how to use properly the external flash and to set correctly the supportive light (looking for information, trying on site, evaluating and trying again),
  • to be able to decide when to use difused flash light and/or an external light source an when just natural light from an adjacent window (I guess the deciding will become easier with some experience)…

So many options and for the moment such unsure results.

But I do make the effort and I am really glad about it and already feel intriqued by all the posibilities. The action makes the creative juices flow and you know, it’s energizing to keep going…