Ideas lost and forgotten

I commute to work daily and on my ways there and back, often the dots connect and I have ideas that capture my attention. Sometimes also words of a song I am listening to on the radio along the way trigger a train of thoughts I am glad to get on. I believe the brain works in a different mode at that time… And I often think “this would be interesting for my blog to ponder and write about…”

But when I come home, the ideas are usually long forgotten, replaced by happenings at work and home routine and then in the evening I stare at the empty screen of my blog post not knowing what to write about and feeling guilty about neglecting my blog again.

Thoughts need to be captured and cared for, otherwise they die and disappear in the black hole of our lives and may never come back.

I told myself many times that I need to note such things down right away to get to them later but you know how it usually goes, you postpone it as the suitable moment is never there until it’s too late.

There is so much to do these days. The inevitable, the necessary, the interesting, the tempting, and the development goes forward in light speed. Before you learn working with a software update, there is a new one, for all of them; there are so many alluring and engrossing topics you would like to immerse in and know more about; there are so many skills you would need to improve to get a better job or to follow your passion; and the more you want to keep up with, the less you are actually able to fulfil.

Having reasonable goals and good strategy to achieve them is the key but also quite a challenging task. There are many pieces of advice online but eventually it is you, who needs to make up your mind, you, who needs to decide the direction, you, who needs to follow the line. You, who needs to prioritize, not only at work but also at your personal life.

So remember to put down your ideas and thoughts not to lose them along the way, they may be a game changer… but you would never know if you lost them.