Ravens circling
above the tree tops
death in her eyes

I do not have any photo that would mirror the images my little Haiku-inspired poem conveys so I picked a photo that conveys similar feelings which are the feelings of sadness I felt when writing the poem.

You know, the poem made me think.

Some days are not happy days.

Some days are sombre.

For obvious reasons we don’t like them but they are inevitably part of our lives.

How to accept them?

How to deal with them?

There are so many books and websites offering pieces of advice on how to be happier and where to find happiness.

You don’t need to be sad when you can be happy… or do you?

I’ve arrived at the conclusion that it is much more important to live in a balance with oneself than to be happy. That days filled with smile and fun and warm feelings are a gift but not necessity. That happiness can mean different things to different people. That you can feel balance even if you are sad.