Once you hear it

A word,
a phrase,
a sentence

Once you hear it,
it captures more
than your attention

It whispers,
it cries,
it shouts,
asking you:

Come and absorb me,
come and transform me,
come and make me your part

You can do nothing to change it,
there is no way to ignore it,
and there is no way to go back

Once I heard two words of a song
that grabbed my attention
and then grabbed my soul

They were “seven layers”
or was it “seventh layer”?
I do not even know
but both of them seem to matter

Seven layers of fear,
seven layers of smile,
seven layers of understanding
or seven layers of cry

The seventh layer of the seven layers,
the deepest one, the bottom one
Do I want to know what dwells there?
Do I need to know how to get there?
Do I have any idea of how deep I need to go?

Or am I utterly wrong
and the seventh layer of the seven layers
is the one on the surface
showing the light
prepared to make me smile?

I may never know
and may never be asked
but those words will stay forever
in the layers
of my heart