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  • Be fearless

    Be fearless

    Do you pay attention to what words or ideas people can read on your clothes? I love T-shirts of many kinds but I dismissed many of them just because of what was written on their front or back, even though I loved their design. Last week I bought a T-shirt in an Orsay shop. They […]

  • Sadness


    Ravens circlingabove the tree topsdeath in her eyes I do not have any photo that would mirror the images my little Haiku-inspired poem conveys so I picked a photo that conveys similar feelings which are the feelings of sadness I felt when writing the poem. You know, the poem made me think. Some days are […]

  • Sexy


    Put your hand up if you think you’re sexy. Well, I can’t see enough hands in the air… Why? Somebody might have told you that you’re not sexy and you believed them… But you’re sexy. Each and every one of you is sexy. Just believe in yourself. As you might have read in one of […]