Life is like a whirling ball

Life is like a whirling ball,
Experiencing rise and fall.

In a land of ice,
In a land of fire,
In the realms of fancy,
Shifted by desire.

Sometimes moving up,
Sometimes moving down,
Sometimes gathering speed,
Sometimes slowing down.

Heading to the left,
Turning to the right,
Facing walls around,
Getting to the light.

Can you feel the rise?
Can you see the fall?
Life is so much more
than the whirling ball.

I have to tell you… that when I published the post, my poem ended with words saying “life is nothing else but the whirling ball”. When I came back a while later, it suddenly dawned on me how good the words sound but how false they actually are so I changed them and like the ending much better now. Life is so much more…