Places in Czech Republic

Autumnal bits and pieces

Today I would like to share a few photos that I took in Rokycany in September, at the beginning of coming autumn.

No. 1: Boxes in front of a vegetable shop

Squash everywhere… in many types and sizes.

No. 2: Light and shadows

I took this photo in a park. There was an interesting wooden shape on the ground, something like a spiral, just triangular. I don’t know if it is intended as a place to sit down or whether it is just decorative, probably both. I loved how the light and shade complemented one another and that brought me to turning the photo into black and white which simplified the image and left just the important.

No. 3: Leaves and clock

If you take a proper look at the photo, you will see that wall clock inside the room. I love this detail no matter how insignificant it may seem.

No. 4: Leaves and more leaves

Just this time not red and orange… but look at the light and shadows and shades of the green and the combination with the shapes and lines of the building…

No. 5-7: By the  church

There are several old tombstones placed in the park by the church. I liked the background behind the tombstone in the first photo, its epitaphs place it to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

No. 8: Shop and its display

Autumn in orange and red, pumpkins and chrysanthemums, quite a typical show. I was wondering whether the photo would look interesting in black and white when colours play such an important role here. You can see for yourself but I like that black and white version too. And I even like the following faded sepia version.

Both of the monochromatic versions differ from the colourful original a lot but preserve certain charm. The sepia version feels the oldest of the three to me, as a peek into past. Don’t you think so?