Focused on photography

Charm of the faded

Back in March I was capturing books and tulips and I tried several settings. I shared some of the photos in my previous posts Books and tulips and Yellow and blue. There was one more setting though and today I’d like to share some images it brought.

The titles of the books below are not important. I chose the books because of their size and the colour of their covers, they looked great together.

Some of the tulips I was shooting with were already faded but I decided to use them anyway. Their last moment of glory…

I processed both photos in Lightroom and then I sent one of them into Analog Efex Pro, one of quite popular Nik Collection plug-ins that Google made available for free a few weeks ago. With the help of the plug-in I created two images that I really like. The first image expresses a mood somehow matching the process of the fading… and the other image displays not only a different mood but also different focus on the photo’s parts.

Processing photographs and experimenting during that process have become part of my photography adventure, there is so much to try and see!