Around home and village

Sunday afternoon walk

Unlike his older brother, our 9-year-old son has been eager to ride a bike and demands riding it every day. To make him pleased we went for a longer walk on Sunday afternoon here in the village where we live. There is a minor road leading to a distant part of the village and as it’s not used much by cars, it is suitable for walking and cycling. I decided to take a camera with me, what if there was something worthy of catching… There was, of course, as there always is, only the sun was quite sharp. Let’s take a few stops along the way.

We have a pond in the village used for breeding fish. It had been drained until a few weeks ago. We didn’t know that the water was already back and expected to see just mud on the bottom of the pond. Surprisingly the pond was partially filled with water and moreover full of colourful plants. With clear blue sky above it was a great sight.

Thistles are photogenic plants and I always try to shoot them. In my opinion, they look much better in photographs than in reality as with the blurred background they become so prominent.

Do you know common sea-buckthorn? There was a garden full of these shrubs as if someone was growing them or their berries for purchase. The orange berries are edible and have healing powers, I’m going to get the shrub to be planted in our garden.

Whether I like it or not, in spite of warm sunny days autumn has been approaching lately. There is a touch of change in the air. In the fields… as well as in the trees.

The evening sun was accompanying us on our way home and I was really glad I had taken the camera with me. I’ve gone this way so many times and there is always something either new or to be seen differently.