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    Curly leaf parsley

    I thought the fresh curly leaf parsley that I grow in my garden would be good not only for cooking but it could also look good in still life photography. So here it is, in two versions of a still life image. Two images, two different stories despite almost the same contents. The power of editing is awesome… By the way, as for the cooking, I add curly leaf parsley to soups, potatoes and stuffing, it adds “a breath of nature” and tastes good!

  • Reflections

    Cold and rainy

    Last night it was raining heavily here, the rain woke us several times when beating against our roof lights. And not only brought the night the rain but also a change in temperature when it dropped a few degrees lower in comparison with previous warm days resulting so in a wet and cold Sunday. Well, despite the noise, we were happy about the rain as the weather has been very dry lately and the level of ground water is very low here. Abundance of water is one of my dreams now, who would have thought! No more taken for granted. And as everything outside was soggy, I decided to discontinue…

  • Focused on photography

    Build up when creating your art

    I make the same mistake all over on my photography path. I always want and almost expect to get my camera out, take a photo and be a witness to how great an image I created. Stupid, right? It happens here and there that the first photo is good, sometimes better than the following ones but much more often I need to start somewhere, immerse myself in the photography mood and build up. The same applies to editing. I edit a photo or two and don’t like any of that, but the process may give me an idea for editing an absolutely different photo. Like in case of this lawn…

  • Reflections

    Shades of simplicity

    Simple may be ugly. Simple may be dull. But simple may also be beautiful… Ingenious… And even sophisticated. I love simple ideas and inventions that make a great difference. I love simple photos that are talking loudly. And when creating my still life images, I strive for simplicity that may be extremely simple and yet expresses calmness, illusion, thoughts not yet spoken aloud. Simple may open a door to imagination… Which means… simple may not be simple at all…

  • Focused on photography

    Table, bird and roses

    I had my birthday a few weeks ago. When my husband asked what kind of present I would like to get, I told him I would have a special wish, which was to find or create a place in our house that would give me some free space for taking still-life photographs. I was fed up with using the kitchen table or living-room table and floors of all kinds, all of that not quite suitable for taking photos. I used to have a small makeshift table in one of the rooms but now our treadmill is placed there and it doesn’t fit anywhere else. I also used to have an…

  • Focused on photography

    Still-life sunflowers

    When the left part of your brain is tired of all the thinking and planning and worrying, it might help to leave it to its own destiny and ask the right creative part to work miracles. The miracles may not be that awesome as you might wish them to be but they have their own rhythm, their own life. What about allowing them to pull you into their flow of vision and imagination? There are so many smaller and greater ways how to be creative. Last year my son wanted to plant sunflowers so we bought some seeds and waited whether they would grow. They did and they looked great…

  • Focused on photography

    Pink inspired (again)

    Here and there I buy a small bunch of flowers to decorate my kitchen for a few days and the other day I chose pink roses. They looked fresh and fragile and I loved them but just after two days their stems bent down and the flowers were fading almost in front of my eyes. Of course I felt disappointed but I grabbed them, grabbed my camera and spent an hour or two playing with them in my photographs. The disappointment transformed into creativity, what an unexpected development. Here is the result of that pink inspiration…

  • Focused on photography

    Pink hen and flowers

    A few weeks ago, when I was thinking about what kind of photos I would like to focus on this year, I was thinking about returning to still life and its creativity. A few days ago, when I was thinking about spring and Easter, I was thinking about creating something playful and joyful and yet a bit serious. So here is my little playful yet thoughtful still-life variation featuring a figure of a hen I bought once as a prop… – In a whirl of events – – Waiting for a decision – – Devoted – – Lost in thought on a sunny day – – Lost in expectation –

  • Focused on photography

    Rudbeckia counterbalance

    On Monday, a new school year started here which meant that last week I spent quite a few hours by shopping. Everything the school asked to get for lessons such as exercise books and pencils, watercolours and brushes, but also clothes and shoes as my 13 year old son is growing almost in front of my eyes these weeks. That clothes part was the most exhausting because although he is of average build, it was not easy to get trousers for him thanks to the current slim and skinny fashion. So much wasted time when looking for something suitable… One day when we came home from such shopping, I went…

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    Focused on photography

    Time of lilacs

    I saw first lilacs burst into flower about two weeks ago and it seems that the lilac that we have in our garden follows the lead at last and starts to open its buds. I still have a few still-life photos featuring the lilac that I took last May so now it would be the right time to share them. These are just branches cut from the bush. I added some haze to the photo above to get a different feel and to create something not that straightforward, what a change. Lilac are the essence of May, aren’t they. They always confirm to me that winter is soon to be definitely over, their…