Focused on photography

Milk and cookies

How much fun do you think you would have shooting milk and cookies? When I read that assignment in the Be still 52 course I’m participating in and saw the images Kim created, I felt eager to give it a try. So many possibilities… I decided to arrange my props outside, as the morning light was so nice, and also I decided to add lilacs into the background as they were in full bloom all around and were complementing nicely the cookies I bought for this occasion.

I tried different depth of field, different perspectives, cookies whole and partly eaten… and eventually also a different format of the final images. I cropped all of the images quite tightly as it seemed to suit them very well.

I made the basic adjustments of the raw files in Lightroom and tweaked the settings a bit to give the images the feel I wanted them to have.

It was fun. Lots of fun. The presented images are the ones I liked best, my favourite among them being the first square image.