Focused on photography

Yellow and blue

I love combination of yellow and blue and I used it in another set of photos with books. The first and second photos feature a fantasy novel by Jules Verne “The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”. It’s an old book and I love all the illustrations it contains. I read it ages ago and when I was flipping its pages on this occasion, it felt tempting to start and read it again.

There are only little differences between the two photos but along with the format, I find them interesting.

The third photo features another book by Jules Verne “Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen”. I might have never read it but I’d like to. Verne was such an extraordinary person and writer.

This photo is a bit busier but I like the colours and shallow depth of field and of course the grape hyacinth. I’m looking forward to plant it in my garden when the time comes.