Put your hand up if you think you’re sexy.
Well, I can’t see enough hands in the air… Why?
Somebody might have told you that you’re not sexy and you believed them…
But you’re sexy. Each and every one of you is sexy. Just believe in yourself.

As you might have read in one of my earlier posts, last summer hubby and I visited the music festival Colours of Ostrava. The very first concert we chose to listen to was performed by Heymoonshaker, a pair of musicians combining excellent beatbox and raw, blues guitar. We chose their concert because we saw some of their videos on YouTube and they felt like an interesting start of the festival for us, but we didn’t expect much. And then, watching and listening to them, their performance left us dumbfounded. The experience was so powerful and overwhelming, giving us goose pimples in one song and entertaining us in another. If I should name three bands that I liked most in the festival, Heymoonshaker would make it on the list.

But not to digress, you know how it goes in concerts.

Musicians try to keep in touch with the audience, asking people to wave their hands, join in the chorus, shout their support. They also praise the audience to make them feel good and active. The most frequent phrase I heard in the festival might have been “you’re fu**ing beautiful”, what a charming way to please someone… 🙂 But I also heard the words I quoted roughly in the opening of my post and guess from who. Yeah, from Heymoonshaker.

Words intended to lighten the atmosphere, to make people communicate, to make people smile. And yet carrying much deeper sense of something very important.

It’s about being sexy here but you could replace it with many traits. Somebody told you that you’re not enough in this or that way and you believed them. They didn’t even need to use words to show you how inadequate you are. And you believed them. And you drag that burden through your life not understanding that it’s something you need to put down and leave it where it is.

It’s quite scary actually to see what enormous power we have over one another. How much we can manipulate one another, knowingly or not. The older I am, the more I value and admire people who live in peace with themselves, who know they are enough, even though they may not be enough in other people’s eyes.

When the musician asked us to put our hands up if we thought we’re sexy, I left my hand down because I felt that was the right answer. Sexy? Me? Who would I want to fool? But if he asked me today, I would proudly raise the hand because he was right. I’m sexy. You are sexy. Everyone in their own way. And nobody can take that from us.