Though seen, hidden to our eyes

A few days ago, I was watching a celebration of the ninetieth anniversary of the local Volunteer Fire Company. It was a wonderful opportunity to try and take another type of photos than I am used to. The firemen were dressed in official light or dark blue uniforms, fire engines and equipment – both new and old – were displayed in the local pitch and procession was walking through the village including a small band playing to set a marching step.

I was absorbed in the celebration and focused on taking the photographs as the light was changing all the time, people were moving, regrouping, talking, so much to figure out. So when I saw the photo above after downloading it to my laptop, I was utterly surprised to see the different types of accordions. I liked the pair of those musicians and was watching them quite a lot and yet consciously I didn’t notice the different styles of their instruments.

I wonder how often we look at something but do not see what is right in front of our eyes. Quite often, I guess…