Dedicated, my word for 2023

Just imagine that you are on a walk, enjoying beautifully frosted trees and grass around you when all of a sudden a hen appears from nowhere obvious and photobombs the scenery you’ve just been trying to capture in your photo.

Well, you may try to be quick enough to recompose the image and create something unexpected, even though perhaps not that perfect as you are more surprised than ready, right? It might definitely be worth the try…

But what I am here today for is another matter. The new year will arrive in a few days so I started to think about what word will accompany me through it and thus will become my word for the year 2023. After a while of careful listening, the word DEDICATED appeared and asked to be entrusted with the task…


/ˈdedɪkeɪtɪd/ adjective

: working hard at something because it is very important to you

I accepted it willingly as my last year’s word fulfil definitely needs support. I still have goals I wish to be fulfilling more or less regularly as well as more or less eagerly, and I need to strive for accomplishing them much more fervently.

If you have goals and you are not dedicated to them, what are they for? They are just empty words and dreamy expectations turning into disappointing nothingness that hurts.

Let’s be dedicated to what is important to us and let’s make the effort, pay the attention, strive to fulfil.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2023!