Like a bad dream

A few years ago I read an article whose author was thinking about how relatively peacefully we had been living in Europe since WWII and how that could not ever be a permanent condition. He warned that a war would come sooner or later because that is what history teaches us. His thoughts made sense but who would want to dwell on them… Not in vain our brains try to protect us by means of not thinking about all those things that could go wrong so that we would not live in constant fear.

Now Russia attacked Ukraine and suddenly the war is real and not so far away from my country and that all seems to me like a bad dream. How can anyone excuse and justify such an attack? Such atrocities have been committed, so much destroyed, so many people hurt and killed, and all of that because of someone’s ambition to become more powerful and to shape other’s lives according to their unjustifiable wishes.

We do not know what tomorrow will bring but the sure thing is that the future of today’s world and especially Europe has already been changed by this war…

I don’t write about politics here but you know, I would like to pay tribute to all those brave Ukrainians who defend their homeland, to all politicians who are not afraid to speak up and act to support the attacked country, to all people inside and outside Ukraine who have been helping those suffering and needing help. They all have my great admiration and bring me hope that even in really bad times, not everything is lost.