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Overcast desperation

This winter I haven’t seen much of blue sky. The sky is either light or dark grey, causes energy shortage and brings abundance of tiredness. Hence the title of this post.

A few moments ago my husband was reading me weather forecast for the arriving March and it was like this:

first ten-day period – cloudy and overcast
second ten-day period – cloudy and rainy
third ten-day period – cloudy, overcast and rainy

I know that March is much worse for me than February. Spring is already expected but winter persists. Not that frosty shiny winter. The muddy overcast one.

So when we got a new portion of snow last week, I wanted to take a few pictures at least and took my camera with me when we were going to see my mum on Sunday. The sky was … right, overcast, but we made two stops on our way.


The first one was at a church which I always admire while passing it and always say how much I’d love to take a photo of it. I’ve realised my dream this time, my not-into-deep-snow-suitable shoes soaked and my feet cold but though the photo isn’t a stunner, it was worthy of it. To me.


There was a cemetery by the church and when we entered it I saw a statue of an angel in front of me. A sad angel expressing grief and care.


You know, I like cemeteries. Once I wanted to prepare a post about a cemetery to show what it looks like here but the photos seemed too depressive so I backed out. In reality, it’s different. There are so many beautiful tombs, statues and crosses. And if you’re lucky, you find something you don’t expect. Look at those two little angels I found on the basis of the cross situated in the middle of the cemetery. Aren’t they lovely? Whispering their prayers no matter how long, no matter how nasty the weather is… I’m not into this kind of things but there are exceptions! I’m sorry the photo isn’t sharp enough but I wanted to share it anyway.


The second stop we made by a high seat which we’d seen by the road, I liked the scenery a lot.


And I liked the red colour standing out against the white greyness!

There is always something to enjoy, isn’t there?