Having realised my word for next year

During this year I made a decision to change things and run this blog without comments allowed. Just to keep the blog as inspiration to myself and to those who find it inspiring and to free myself from expectations regarding any feedback.

At the same time I made a relating decision, which was to publish also smaller posts based on let’s say just one photo or a short reflection. All of that with the aim of being more active and creative.

Well, while I’m still happy with the first decision, the other one turned empty.

Yet the day before yesterday I took a few photos in our village and after having downloaded them, I found out that there were also a few forgotten photos I took when preparing a cake in October. Back then I was enchanted by the yolks creating a “four leaf” in the cup.

The photos made me remember the intention of creating the shorter posts and what’s more, whispered to my mind what my word for the next year would be.


Courage to be myself.

Courage not to be fettered by how other people see me and expect me to be.

Courage to follow my visions and dreams no matter how generally insignificant they may seem.

Courage to create and share photos and posts that may not be perfect and awesome but fulfil my vision.

Courage to love those I feel connected with and respect those who deserve the respect although I may not see eye to eye with them.

Courage to trust and follow both my intuition and reason.

Courage to face uneasy situations and decisions.

Courage to be decisive in the right way.

After the words that came to me in the previous years, I welcome COURAGE to the family, whose other members are HUMOUR – PERSISTENCE – GRATITUDE – EMBRACE – JOY. They all stay with me faithfully and remind me what’s important.

So you know what? It’s never late to bring our unfulfilled decisions to light, scrutinize them whether they are worthy of sticking to them, and if they are, we can still help them find their way into our lives. In return, they may lead us onwards and enrich us in an unexpected way…