Fulfil, my word for 2022

Another New Year has arrived and made me think about the previous year. Is there anything I’d like to change this year? Is there anything I could have done better?

There is, of course, and I could start writing quite a long list with many items on it, but the one that speaks to me most has made it to be my word for this year, please give a big round of applause to the word FULFIL! You can plan, you can promise (to you or someone else) to make changes, you can muster whatever visions you’re able to come up with, but without completing the intended, you’ll never fulfil your potential.

Just a few examples from my life:

  • I had a photo project last year that I did not manage to fulfil, simply because the photos I was successful to take were left behind in my folders without their necessary processing. I processed only just about 5% of the photos I took last year…
  • I created a plan of regular weekly activities to encourage my personal growth but most of the time I was skipping them, postponing them, skimping on them…
  • I wanted to exercise more to prevent back (and other) aches and to be in better shape but there was always some excuse to avoid it…

I could continue like this for a while but that would be a boring list I’m not even willing to put together. I’d just like to highlight what lies hidden behind all of that so many of the times. We people are generally very good at explaining to ourselves why we could not achieve something. We were tired, we had other responsibilities, there was not enough time for everything. There might have been serious reasons but quite often it’s a different case. Frankly, is reading a book/magazine/newspaper, watching an episode/film/news, friendly chatting or unnecessary shopping, however interesting and enlightening that all might be, a good reason for avoiding the planned and promised? I don’t really think so and I’m guilty as charged in this regard.

We should think our priorities through and thus when we want to achieve something, let’s not stay in the middle of the road being distracted by every colour, noise and movement around us. Let’s keep our eyes and minds focused and fulfil what needs to be fulfilled. That is my wish for 2022.