Around home and village

Feel of winter

One day when fresh snow arrived I decided to take a stroll around our village with my camera though I didn’t expect capturing much. Seemingly, there isn’t much to capture in the village after having lived there for a few years. Yet I was proven wrong once again because I “found” a few captures I really liked. For example this gate leading… where exactly? Into your childhood? That’s a Mirabelle bush where local children like to hide and play.

A part of the village is a bit remote and the road leading to that part represents a path where the locals – including my family – go for a stroll from time to time when the weather is nice. One doesn’t meet many cars on the road which makes the strolling pleasant.

You may imagine that I’ve taken quite a few photos of the road but they are never the same.

You look at the same road but see different seasons, feel different emotions, gather different thoughts.

In the photo below, there is the building of the municipal office in the village and I’ve never liked it more than in this capture. It looks so soft which somewhat contradicts the fact that representatives of the village meet in its offices to decide on budget and further development, some of the locals meet in its pub to discuss news and chat with one another, and a fire machine is kept in its garage…

I have to confess that all the effort I’ve made and all the information I’ve gathered recently in the field of photography influence significantly the way I see and understand the world around me. I may never become as good a photographer as I would like to be but the goals I set took me somewhere.

Today I came across the following thought:

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
― H. D. Thoreau

I had to think about what my goals had been and what I’ve become by achieving them. It’s all part of the personal path which winds through our lives and I agree that by setting our goals we shape ourselves. Yet evidently more than we would have expected when setting them.