Around home and village

Snow here and there

We enjoyed snow during the last few weeks but now it’s definitely gone. And I wasn’t able to take any photo as I was ill. It made me browse through my older photos and I found a few which I’d like to share with you, I’ve chosen them for various reasons. All of the shots were taken in or near the village I’ve lived in.

No. 1: I like the greenish tinge of the scene and also the wooden cart. I’m used to seeing such a cart as just a much smaller toy sold in shops specialised in handicraft.

No. 2: Another tinge, rust-coloured now. I find the branches in the left lower part fascinating. They remind me of hands being reached out. I was also thinking about wind-blown hair but the branches couldn’t possibly resemble it as the tops of the tall trees are bent in the other direction and it wouldn’t make sense. I perceive tension in the picture caused by the opposite directions.

No. 3: It’s difficult to say what exactly I like about this picture. The colours? The lines? The structure of the bark? The combination of the dry leaves, green moss and a sprinkling of snow? Every perception plays its role.

No. 4: I loved the sun rays lighting those two rocks. The place was quite dark and the rocks looked like a spotlighted stage, the trees representing lead roles.

No. 5: We had this sumach in front of our house and it was bringing colour to autumnal and winter days. We cut it down, removed all its roots and don’t want to plant a new one in our garden because it’s such an invasive tree. But I miss it. A lot.

Snow here and there… this time or that time.